Fisticuffs at Dawn

Women of color have been especially vocal in demanding recognition of race and class differences in the politics and practices of feminism. Clearly, if the Women’s Movement is to include all women, feminism must be grounded in the diversity of women’s experience. Yet the demand for inclusion is often easier said than done. The mere recognition that women are different from each other doesn’t determine the significance of these differences, nor how they should ground a re-articulation of feminism. Practically speaking, any successful effort to incorporate differences among women into feminisn - and into other resistance movements - needs tools with which to analyze what difference difference really makes.

Kimberle Crenshaw - Traffic at the Crossroads: Multiple Oppressions

(I’ll admit, I feel a bit off about posting this quote, but I dunno…it’s a really good freaking one. Out of all the essays I’m reading from Sisterhood is Forever, her essay so far is my favorite. So I’m posting one of my favorite paragraphs in her essay so far. <3)

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